5 Best TV Shows Of 2016

Stranger Things

One of the most hyped retro-style sci-fi TV series in 2016 inspired by your favourite horror master Stephen King’s world of terrors, paying homage to the 80s where music and cinema were made to make you feel nostalgic years later. With fantastic acting delivered by children actors and the ever-so-mesmerizing Winona Ryder, the horror is genuine, the mystery is fascinating, and the monster will be haunting you long after the story ends.



Skam should be titled as How to accurately portray millennials and generation Z. Set in a high school in Oslo, Skam introduces a group of students born in the years range from 1997 to 2000. Technology, party, taking illegal substances and frustrating relationships seem to be major parts of their everyday lives. However, Skam narrates each character’s story in a much more relatable, inspiring, encouraging way that its counterpart the notorious Skins never attempted to achieve. It confronts teen relationships, mental illnesses, family issues and self-empowerment face on and could never do them more seamlessly. As the show is slowly taking over the world for resonating with the younger generations despite the language differences, we are glad to see more dimensions of a 21st century teen other than the fact they are enchanted by their newest iphones.


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This funny, quirk, time tweaking, mind bending sci-fi show is a modern Dr Who on earth. We have a fast-talking British lad with a different sense of humour and a distinctive fashion style, and a sidekick who refuses to be acknowledged as a sidekick and sulks twentyfour seven with no personal style at all, then we have a bunch of crazy nuts doing things cannot be explained to people who haven’t seen the show yet because they will never understand why is Dirk Gently “holistic”. But everything makes sense, even if it looks like a mess a points but the crackups will keep you going.


Black Mirror

If you are an OG fan, then duh this is the best show ever. The Netflix reboot is definitely not the same PM and the pig vibe but it carries on some of the oddities and essences from the first two seasons.


London Spy

The ever-so-sensitive Ben Wishaw plays a ever-so-heartbreaking lover, what could be more perfect than that? The desperation, the sorrow, the broken heat and so much love that could never be requited, combined with a thrilling revelation and many twists in the story, the ending might be a cop out, but the show is definitely a masterpiece with its excellent cinematography and hauntingly beautiful performance by Wishaw.

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