5 WORST Movies In 2016

Disclaimer: We did not watch every single film ever made in 2016, this list is exclusive to the mainstream films that people probably have either seen or heard of due to their large exposure but flopped miserably.


  1. Legend of Tarzan

One of the worst things we watched, it is almost an epitome of everything modern cinema should NEVER represent. A white saviour, a white villain, a screaming sexy lady in a sleeping robe, slavery…what’s worst than that is they ruined Tarzan for everybody.


2.  Independence Day: Resurgence

A sequel to a 90s sci-fi hit famous for no obvious reasons. One-dimensional characters playing clichéd routines, a nonsensical plot goes wherever the writers want, nice spectacles but nothing you’ve never seen before, everybody is a hero at some point, and an unnecessary Pearl Harbour style triangle love affair that surprisingly has a twist. Watch it to kill time if you must, but you probably will regret it.


3. Assassin’s Creed

Following the unspeakable film adaption of the one of the most popular games Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed came along to be the lowest point of cinema in 2016 just when you thought the year was finally going to be over. This film possibly gave all the multi-awards winning all star cast the new low in their careers. Aside from the great action scenes, there is nothing good about this film, not even Fassbender’s unnecessary six-pack reveal.


4. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of  Justice

It is pretty obvious that Zack Snyder only knows how to slow-mo, Ben Affleck only knows how to anger, and Henry Cavill only knows how to sulk. The plot might make sense to comic readers, or not, but it makes absolutely no sense why Batman tries to kill Superman even if they explained in the film. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor would make a better Joker than JLeto’s mathafacker gansta joker. If we could only pick one 2016 DC movie to hate, BvS came through because it made the most popular comic heroes your least favourite in an hour and half of dreads.


5. Alice Through The Looking Glass

Just disappointed, the CGI looks cheep and lacks aesthetics, and I mean there is a lot, a lot of CGI, like an unicorn exploded on the set. The story is very underwhelming with all the freakish characters and CGI running all over the place, it is just one big loud circus.


Honourable mentions:

Gods of Egypt: none of the leads is Egyptian or even Persian.

Now You See Me 2: it’s just nonsense now, it’s definitely not magic.

The Boss: Melissa McCarthy really really needs to stop playing vulgar female monsters.

Warcraft: CGI explosion and very dull.

Suicide Squad Disclaimer: We really do not hate it, we hate the joker though, but we do not hate JLeto. We do know it’s kind of dumb and bad but we do not HATE hate it.


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