ACF – Room For Improvement

Last year after visiting the Auckland coffee festival, I will admit I wasn’t exactly blown away with what I saw. Ill admit, there were some funky arts and crafts stalls, however I wasn’t so sure what they had to do with the festival, plus the limited amount of things to see and do also left me feeling rather dissatisfied.

I did of course taste several of the unique blends offered from the limited amount of stalls within the famous Shed 10, however I still felt the the price of these coffees was rather steep. When paying around $15 for entry to an event like this, I honestly expect to be getting a little more out of the visit. Perhaps even a small discount on the products for sale at the festival would have made it seem like a far less costly outing.

For the return of the festival in march this year, I really do hope that event organisers along with stall holders recognise that Aucklanders need a bit more of a wow factor for such a heavily hyped festival, and decide to throw a lot more variety our way.


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