Chat to a Royal Family prince – Shout Out sits down with Joe Metuakore

He has over 11,000 followers on Instagram, been in a film, danced on a few big stages around the world, also not mention good friends with New Zealand’s dancing choreography queen, Parris Goebel.

ShoutOutMag’s Spencer sat down with Joseph Metu and talk about his life being in RF and the secret life of being a dancer. We also did an editorial shoot featuring kiwi designer, XXXXXXX.

  1. When did your passion for dancing begin Joe?

“It started from a young age really, through primary, at school socials, but really started with cultural dancing groups with my brother (Michael) at high school. Then we started little dancing troops and we liked it.  But there wasn’t really much at Tokoroa High School, then we moved to Forrest View High School and did a programme, and did dance as a subject. We did school comps, won some stuff, then audition and danced at Fusion Dance Studio in Orewa for a bit and stayed there.”

2. How did you get to dance for Parris Goebel!?!?!?

“So I’ve known Parris since I was 16, so when I was dancing for Fusion Dance Company they brought in a guest performer and REQUEST was our guest performers. And then knew her through her career and bonded since then. When we heard Parris was starting something in 2011, me and my (twin) brother wanted to be a part of it straight away. So before we were in a vogue dance company/crew, went to Aussie for a bit and then came back to audition for RF with my brother and then we got in and that’s where my journey has started ever since HAHA!”

3. You’ve been around the world Joe, where has been the biggest highlight and why?

“That would have to be Vegas! We had to go compete in 2012 for the Hip Hop champs in the Intermediate division. Vegas for me WAS A HIGHLIGHT! First time with RF, and second time again, that where I won my first Gold Medal, singing the national anthem, getting on that podium and just…. I can remember like it was just yesterday and it was happy days!

Trainings were insane but so far Vegas has been a highlight.”

4 . Where do you see your dancing career in 5 years?

“I see me living in L.A with my brother….


So Jospeh and Mike are the famous twin brothers in the Royal Family. Michael Metuakore (Joe’s twin) is currently in America dancing for big names such as J-Lo, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj all thanks to Parris who has choreographed some of the superstar’s dance breaks and dances.

Here’s Joe’s brother in the AMA performance for Side to Side with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj in L.A.

I am also working as a store manager in retail so it is hard to balance out my dance life, from work life. I like committing to my business. But in 5 years time, I definitely see myself in L.A, living it up, making connections in the industry.

5. Who would you like to dance for Joe?

“***Giggles with laughter

“There is a big big list of who I wanna dance for like Britney, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. But mostly Lady Gaga, because of what she has done for the gay community. I think growing up in a place like Tokoroa, it was hard expressing yourself and I knew that having music and being a dancer, I connected to her albums on a different, special level”


6. What is dancing to you Joe?

“Dancing for me is an expression where I can be vulnerable and push limits. It is a place I have hunger for, you can see me at work. The music is pumping and I’m connecting to it at the same time. It can also take me somewhere else and also make me a great performer. Anyone with the talent, you can also be creative with it and be self expressive. To put a show and entertain and show people this is what I love to do”

7. If you could give advice to an upcoming, young dancer or performer, what would that be?

“I’d say never give up, never give up on your passion. The harder you work, the happier you would be. Also be happy, live your life and be humble”

In closing:

“Be yourself but know that chasing your dreams are never easy, but work hard, be prepared for anything.

To be an industry dancer: I have to make sure I got to do the behind the scenes as well which includes

  • rehearsing
  • eating healthy
  • being comfortable in your own skin
  • working out and being fit

And it pays off in the long run, and don’t think always NOW. Focus on the bigger picture, have goals and the time will come when your time comes and hustle, take options.

Have monthly goals, yearly goals even weekly goals, but never settle also to be O.K or average.

It is a mental challenge as well. But do things that make you happy. Also have discipline.

When I get a call or message about an opportunity: I make sure I’m ready, my body is ready, headshots, CV, experience list. If you want it that bad, you’ll discipline yourself.

And it will help you in the long run always.

Music/Culture Editor at Shout Out Magazine

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