Justice League: It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s okay

Cast aside all the drama on Zack Snyder and Warner Bros and DC comics, this movie is just a generic superhero flick which is made from scraps that other major film studios chewed on a long time ago. It’s not good, it’s not bad, but everything is done before, by walk-the-walk MCU or the godforsaken Michael Bay and his Transformers. To be honest, if anything, Justice League reminds me of a better version of any of the transformers movies ever made. If we actually take all the other exterior factors into consideration (Zack Snyder’s family tragedy, Joss Whedon’s last minute save, Warner Bros’s two hour cut limit and so on), the conclusion is that this movie didn’t suck.

It’s super clear that at this point DC and WB just want to make money. They don’t care about foundations. Marvel could make a cult out of anything because they take time to craft what they intend to sell – a multi-dimensional full-fledging character that everyone loves even though they are from a very old comic series that not many people read. DC however, is milking public’s existing knowledge of their well-known superheroes: Aquaman is from the sea, The Flash runs fast, Cyborg is a cyborg, there, you don’t need to know anything else. For non-comic readers, they are probably clueless about the backstories of Aquaman and Cyborg, maybe some knowledge of the Flash, but the movie did such a poor job giving people necessary information to like those characters. The plot is also a hand-me-down in addition to some stereotypical plots – (*spoiler: even the resurrection of a certain major character is like rewatching the part when auto bots went out of their way to resurrect Optimus Prime). In a time where adventure/fantasy/superhero films are shooting out like a gambling machine hit jackpot, DC is still very clueless on how high people’s expectations are these days.

The only redemption is the humour. They finally start to figure out the importance of timing. It still baffles me how much Ben Affleck sucks since he has an Oscar. He finally cracked a few jokes this time around, Wonder Woman is nice, The Flash is hilarious, Jason Mamoa is cool, the cyborg guy really isn’t doing much, Jeremy Irons kind of a talent wasted, Superman is a god, Lois is still his girlfriend, they fought an evil guy with an army of alien minions…that pretty much sums up everything. Man the Amazonian scene was so cool and I literally felt blood pumping in my veins but it ended in such a hasty and unexpectedly pathetic way. So see, they got nice stuff, but they just can’t have nice stuff.

All eyes on you now Joss Whedon. But we’ve already seen everything you’ve done with Marvel, better pull out some big guns to match Taika. *Or you can bring back Christopher Nolan.

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6.5 100
Justice League: It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s okay On a positive note, this might finally be the dawn of the justice of the DCU.
Johnnya 5.5
Spencer 7

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