Lorde’s Melodrama REIGNS supreme

The now 20 year old queen of New Zealand contemporary music has finally after four long years gave us the album to end all albums this year. Lorde released her second album, Melodrama on all streaming and music sites on June 16th with eleven songs in total teaming up with a few big names in the alternative world such as Flume, Dukes and Jack Antonoff.

With already music critics praising the project highly, Melodrama gained an impressive 92 on Metacritic prior to its release. And so it should of.

Lorde’s Melodrama breaks the mould of a typical break-up album who to this day is unknown about. Could be about her photography ex-boyfriend James Lowe or her long time manager, Scott McLaughlan or even both.

The album delivers a new sounds even for Lorde herself compared to Pure Heroine with a few small homages to her first music baby. What really is prominent is also her raw vocals; being ever so fresh, showing us range and emotion at the same time. A talent nonetheless.

Album begins with Green Light which was a hit when released. Still a banger.

Sober is just amazing feel good dance bop without the overused electronic synths and noise we hear in commercial radio.

Homemade Dynamite was a highlight amongst the fans with a such banging chorus.

Lorde stated on Genius.com “Homemade Dynamite” describes the moment when you meet someone at a party and an explosive night follows.

Also on the track was Liability which was a buzz single which really took the fans and music critics on a mystery-inc mission trying to understand what direction the album was going to go. However now we know this raw yet heartbreaking ballad is such a highlight on the album, giving us an important break from the fun, fast tempo tracks we get before it.

A personal fave is Supercut, also being called Ribs 2.0; this Little infused tracks sings out anthem and a night-life vibes like no other. A song that really explodes with power and sound; with conflicted mixtures of classic piano, electronic drums that come together so well.

And then the ending of the song just….wow.

This new collaboration with Ella and Jack Antonoff is one to really highly remember as alternative music progresses to the top in the pop scene. Their teamwork has proven well and we just now await the Grammys Melodrama deserves.

Melodrama is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other streaming site


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Lorde's Melodrama REIGNS supreme
Lorde’s Melodrama REIGNS supreme It was worth the long as wait. Thanks Ella... *hits repeat x1037274193

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