Lucy Roche: Dollars and Sex

Friday night marked the beginning of the solo shows in the New Zealand International Comedy festival, which meant the Shoutout crew are gearing up for a good three weeks of laughs with a wine in one hand and a pen in the other.

Lucy Roche appears to be a charming young woman from windy old wellington, but hear the opening line of her show this year and you’ll so realise you’re in for both a great shock, and a great treat.

Aside from stand-up, I would love to say that her ‘day job’ is vastly different. Unfortunately I’m just not too sure you could call it a DAY-job. You see, Lucy is a sex worker – or a hooker if you’re that way inclined. Lucy uses this to her advantage in her routines, and is more than happy to shock the audience, but also teach them a thing or two about working in the sex industry in New Zealand. However most importantly she wants to make you laugh, which she does consistently though your hour long solo show in the Cellar at Q Theatre.

Given this is her first solo show in the annual festival, I will admit she has room for improvement in therms of delivery and speech in general (a lot of “you know’s” and so on), but in all honestly it’s a small takeaway from Lucy’s first ever sold out show in Auckland.



Lucy will continue her festival shows at Ivy Bar in Wellington from the 3rd through to the 6th of May. View more details about Lucy and her shows HERE.

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