Miley is back with a new song with HANNAH MONTANA vibes

She has many titles to her name; former Queen of Disney Channel, Hannah Montana, Twerker, Wrecking ball and Queen of 2013 VMAs.

But MILEY CYRUS is back with a new single that give us such nostalgic vibes. The 24 year old hitmaker released Malibu on 11th May on all music platforms and a VEVO music video. The video features a more now toned down non twerking Miley in pig tails, with still some sultry and mature imagery.

No clues yet for an album but she informed Billboard that the song title “Malibu” is a metaphor for just to be happy, go to places that make you happy, surround yourself with happy things. Then explains more how she calls Malibu, California, a beautiful,  yet lucky paradise to live at.

Listen to MILEY’s new song down below:

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