MMF NZ Music Manager Awards 2017 Nominees Interviews

Nicole Thomas

Congratulations on the nominations! How do you feel right now? What inspires you the most in this career? 
Nicole: Thanks! We’ve always had a lot of respect for these awards and for the managers who are nominated each year, so it’s great to be among them in 2017
What’s your greatest achievement(s) you have made in the past year?
Nicole: It was really rewarding to start releasing Theia’s music for everyone to hear. The greatest achievement has been watching all of that work come to fruition, all the while keeping the momentum going and focusing on what’s next.
Tell us the best part of your job.
Nicole: It is very exciting and exhilarating – the ups and the downs, and we are learning so much every day. It is a wonderful and rewarding journey being with an artist as they develop and we all learn and grow as a team.
Tell us the most challenging part of being a music manager. 
Nicole: We also own and run NicNak Media, doing publicity for other artists and bands, so we’re incredibly busy but we’re used to the pace. The challenge is to try and get a bit of work/life balance in there.
Name three artists you want to collaborate/manage the most and your current jams.
Nicole: Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue. I’m joking – there’s no time in my day for those three ha ha! Current fave jams are K.Flay, Royal Blood, Feist and Childish Gambino. I have eclectic taste – I love pop, rock and everything in-between really!
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