We NEED to talk about Storks

I probably wasn’t the only one to initially overlook the trailer for Andy Samberg’s “Storks”, yet only now am I willing to confess to my wrongdoing. Why? This movie is simply incredible. If you have ever experienced Zootopia, you’ll know what to expect, except with even more of a social conscience (as if that was even possible).


Aside from the pleasant change from mediocre animated family films of recent years, this films cultural and sexual (yes, sexual) diversity had me up at 2am applauding Dreamworks Animation Studios for their contribution to 2016’s equal rights agenda. In a film centred around… um… family… and… package delivery…I think… Dreamworks managed to ever so casually confidently display several Gay and Lesbian families in the end sequence to the film, and they didn’t stop there. They also included representations of many nationalities and ethnicities, that for the first time were visually recognisable with culturally appropriate and significant distinguishable features. I have arranged a selection of screenshots from the film below.


Furthermore, I simply cannot avoid pointing out that they have included both a single mum and single dad in the sequence too – Single parents make families too!

To Dreamorks I say bravo, for the most culturally and socially in-check animated film to date.



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