Patch Lambert : TERRORDACTYL

When I first noticed Patch out by the Town Hall on my way up to the venue, he looked pretty shaky, but in the hour and a half between that moment and him walking in stage in the Cellar, there must’ve been some sort of a dramatic change.

Patch’s show is extremely well written and he looked incredibly confident on stage. Performing anecdotal gags about his hectic life almost comes naturally for him, with delivery and timing being a massive strength.

It was awesome to see Patch getting comfortable on stage within the first 15 minutes of his first solo show in Auckland, and it made it clear that the rest his run this week was going to be something special for him, and all of those who go to see it.

If you’re into stories about living your childhood dreams and nightmares, buying Star Wars themed legs as an adult, and finding the doctors who’ll give you the good drugs in hospital; Patch is most definitley for you.


Patch continues his Billy T nominated show in the Cellar at Q Theatre for the rest of the week.

“Anything worth reading, I probably wrote it”

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