Power Rangers 2017: it’s all about morphing

Disclaimer: I did not watch Power Rangers when I was a kid, I know what it is about but I never watched a single episode. I have no emotional attachment to the franchise so I am simply reviewing it for the sheer quality of the film (I did consult an avid Power Rangers fan), so (don’t) come at me bro.

The first five minutes was so good that I thought this movie would be up there with the Star Trek reboot films. I could not stop stuffing popcorn into my jaw-dropped mouth because I was so eager to learn more. The following sequence is A-okay, backstory of the main guy who probably would be the leader of the rangers, nothing to complain there.

Then you have your typical teen drama at school. It is a bit of coming-of-age, so you could easily figure out the rest of the plot, then there are cheesy lines about friendship, family relations, growing up, isolation, acceptance, sexuality…all the issues seen among the vast number of teens living in our society, very inclusive, but quite all over the place.

I also learnt that morph is pretty important for Power Rangers, before they morph, they are just foetuses with superhuman strength, after they morph, which means summoning their armours out of the thin air to make them even stronger, it is a rite of passage for every ranger, like bar mitzvah, but without a ceremony. It was so important that the word “morph” was mentioned about fifty times for one third of the film.

Elizabeth Banks’s villain is comical, childishly comical with the appearance that only kids could appreciate, the CGI rock monsters seem like cheap knockoffs of the highly disposable CGI soldiers in Suicide Squad. Shout Out to Krispy Kreme, the new official health supplements for Power Rangers.

So what do I think of it? I don’t love it, I have seen many high-quality blockbusters featuring similar elements, however, I think it is a decent film for children and early teens. It is a censored, tamer, and less violent version of transformers for a younger audience, and the entertaining values are also age-appropriate. As an adult who has never seen Power Rangers before, it just does not work for me.

*Remarks by my friend who grew up watching Power Rangers:

It delivered more than what I expected.

It is less cheesier than the old live action film.

The nostalgic music and the cameo of actors who played power rangers in the old film are nice surprises for OG fans.

It is actually not bad at all.

All in all, it is an above average movie.

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Power Rangers 2017: it’s all about morphing OG fans and younger audience might appreciate the entertaining values of the film, but I just want know who is going to play Tommy?

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