Taylor Swift’s Reputation – A breakdown of WHO are the 15 songs are about

November gave us Guy Fawke’s Day, Thanksgiving and a blessed album from the new pop queen, Taylor Swift!

Yes, after taking her three years off she is back with a darker pop album than ever after the success of her past 1989 era. Taylor Swift has been off the radar for a bit after winning Album of the year for the second time in a row, mostly to have a break from music and enjoy family and friends time.

But also to get away from the shady celebrity world she is well known for being apart of starting with…

Katy, who stole dancers during her Red Tour which didn’t sit well with Miss Swift who then wrote a song about her as apart of the “1989” album called Bad Blood.

Secondly, the infamous Kanye West and Taylor Swift started up again due to a song Kanye West released called “Famous”. The ‘Famous’ song references Taylor Swift stating Kanye was the reason for her rise to fame.

Apparently this was all-right spoken from West’s team.


Taylor and her team actually didn’t think it was OK, to the point where she shaded him at Grammys during her AOTY speech.

Kim Kardashian-West, queen of reality TV came to a shady response and started her Snapchat account with a secret recorded video of West and Swift exchanging agreements over the reference with Swift agreeing to it.

But really as it came out to be, she only agreed to West’s first line of

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex”

Not the “I made that bitch famous” part, which didn’t Swift didn’t agree to.

And lastly, Lorde but we’ll tell which song or songs that’s about.


PERSON: Her new boyf, Joe Alwyn

Fans had skepticism if the song was written about Tom Hiddleston or British actor, Joe Alwyn who the two have been dating for a year.

This was confirmed with the music video with their birth years tagged in the background which fans noted which goes with the lyrics “Younger than my exes, but he acts like a man so…”

She talks about the “games” beginning that the media paints Swift’s love life to be which is bogus.

2. End Game 

PERSON: Same deal, it’s about Joe Alwyn.

She doesn’t want this one to be another ex. She’s keen to put a ring on it.

Cool to note is that the three things she first mentions can refer to her collaboraters.

  • “I wanna be your End Game” – Future – almost has a trap/Hip Hop vibe to the song and title
  • “I wanna be your First String” – Taylor Swift – well known for her guitar skills
  • “I wanna be A-Team – Ed Sheeran, his first #1 song that took him worldwide. As oppose to Sheeran’s drug angle on the title, Swift switches the angle to wanting to be on Joe Alwyn’s side. But it is a nice Easter Egg.

3. I Did Something Bad

PEOPLE: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and maybe Calvin Harris

This one felt like there was so much pettiness that we just couldn’t.

Despite calling out “a narcissist” who West is well known for being, she mentions a man talking shit which also is Swift’s first time cursing on a song.


But she keeps saying if this man talks shit, drops my name all the time, something will come to him and she owes nothing. She deserves the last laugh in this case.

Which was exactly what happened with the whole beef 2.0 with her and Kanye.

The “bad” part could mean she was called out for accepting the lyrics, which in due fact we know is lies. She says if she could do it over and over again she would, but it feels like a situation like this will never arise again meaning it can’t be about love. But more about her accepting more songs written about her from Mr West which we know won’t happen anytime soon.

4. Don’t Blame Me

PERSON: Joe Alwyn

She is madly in love with him and she references love to as a drug similar to Ke$ha’s 2010 hit song “Your Love Is My Drug”.

The song is also alike to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” which fans noted.

5. Delicate

PERSON: Taylor herself.

Now Joe Alwyn hasn’t really been in the celebrity eye as much as Taylor so only she knows who he’s dated in the past.

The song does talk about someone wanting to start a relationship but is also being considerate because of their recent situation, either a heartbreak or death in the family.

Meaning this almost sounds like it’s being sung from a third person perspective as if she is singing what Alwyn has said to her in the past. Knowing her hard fall from grace, her reputation can either make or break what he wanted to start.

Does makes sense.

6. Look What You Made Me Do

PERSON: Kanye, Kim, Katy, Calvin and yeah everyone who shaded her.

She went SAVAGE on this one and made it obvious.

Especially with one of the best music videos released in the decade, she shaded so many of her past friends.

She also gave us the iconic line, “Oh cos’ she’s dead”. Referring to the viral mural done in Melbourne, Australia by anonymous artist.

RIP Old Taylor.

7. So It Goes

PERSON: Joe Alwyn

And to be honest, the scratches on the back lyrics tells me this GIRL! SHE GROWN UP! SHE LIKING WHAT JOE HAS…..IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN….AND YEAH…..

But the song has such a nice soft vibe similar to Lana Del Rey and 1989.

8. Gorgeous

PERSON: Joe Alwyn… and shade to Calvin

This was a promo song but most fans and GP didn’t really like it.

But it’s obviously about Joe.

9. Getaway Car

PERSON: Tom Hiddleston

NOW THIS is what the Hiddleston Army has been waiting for. They hated when the two dated and they hate her even more.

But if we know Taylor, she wanted to address this relationship and she did honestly.

It was a sham as everyone knew but she had to find someone to break it up with Calvin Harris as mentioned.

Poor Tom, but she knew it was going to crash until she found the one she wanted to really be with which ended up being another British man, Joe Joe Joe.

10. King Of My Heart

PERSON: Joe Alwyn.

Nothing to say here other than TOO MUCH FILTER on her voice which sort of ruins the song, ugh.

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Person: Could be Calvin Harris or Tom

Could be Tom because she speaks of a SECRET relationship that no one knew until staged paparazzi pictures came up of them on the beach that officialise it.

And talks of having a bad feeling with the relationship. Like Getaway Car.

But this could be mostly likely be about Calvin Harris as she was 25 when she first started dating him. Calvin is also well known for being a electronic dance music producer and the song has an electronic vibe to it with “dance” in the lyrics.

The two were both well known in the public eye, more than Tom Hiddleston in this regard as Harris and Swift come from musical backgrounds. But no one really knew the two were dating until a few months after they came out.

I’m team Calvin but who knows.

12. Dress

Person: Joe Alwyn NOT Ed Sheeran

For some weird reason people think this was about Ed Sheeran which we need to cancel straight away cos ew and no.

The song speaks of an all grown up Taylor with a dark, sonic bass followed by a seductive delivery of lyrics speaking to a man that she brought a dress just for him to take it off.

She speaks of a man having a buzzcut at the time whilst her hair was bleached.


13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things 

PERSON: Kanye West and Lorde

We can tell this was about Kanye with the condescending, childish and petty tone the song has.

Also she shades him saying that she wasn’t the only FRIEND he lost recently, that being Beyoncé and Jay-Z after he called them out at one of his shows for not keeping in touch lately. Also Jay-Z has dropped his name in his recent album, 4:44.

The “Lorde” part comes in when she says “HERE’S TO MY REAL FRIENDS, WHO DON’T TALK ABOUT THE HE SAID, SHE SAID”.

Her besties such as Selena Gomez, Abigail and Ed Sheeran have stayed by her side. However Lorde and Swift fell apart recently when Lorde called her as “a person with specific allergies, auto-immune system” whatever that means.

Obviously Taylor wasn’t mentioned by name by Lorde but Swift didn’t take it well and her name wasn’t on the Family Jewels shirt in the LWYMMD video. And in her recent Spotify playlist “Songs Taylor Likes”, fans noted something…


14. Call It What You Want

Person: Joe, Kim and Kanye

Cute little bop that fans automatically loved.

“Jokers thinking their a king” being Kanye and “Drama queens” being Kim. Nuff said.

15. New Year’s Day

Person: Probably Joe

It’s all likely.

ANYWAYS, there you have it! Comment below with what you think or your favourite song

Taylor Swift’s Reputation is in stores now at JB-Hi Fi and The Warehouse or buy the album on iTunes.

Spotify hasn’t got permission yet to stream it.


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