Where are they now? The Lizzie McGuire Movie cast

The most lit film to ever pass through our generation was Disney’s decision to make a Lizzie McGuire film. If you haven’t seen it, don’t bother reading this and do yourself the greatest favour and watch it, be amazed and hold onto your weaves.

But we wonder, where is the cast now after 14 years of its release…

Adam Lamberg who played “Gordo” attended Baruch College and got a Masters in Public Administration. The 32 year old now works in the Irish Arts Centre in New York. He said the acting thing was great when he was young but it did get tough but now he’s finally accepting it whole heartedly as a response to a Tumblr follower…



Robert Carradine who played “Sam”, Lizzie’s Dad was in a car crash in 2015. He survived only getting a few complications that healed as the year got on. He’s been in somewhat of a career since Lizzie being in a few films and reality shows with one called King Of The Nerds, which he presents on.

Hailee Todd who played “Jo”, Lizzie’s mom is doing very great now teaching acting and giving mastery classes. She has a few film projects here or there that she does. She is also a hard out democratic and is not afraid to voice political views. Check her website www.haileetodd.com.

Jake Thomas who played Lizzie’s annoying brother, Matt, was never one to leave the screen for us as he starred as Cory’s enemy in the That’s So Raven spinoff, “Cory In The House”. He’s then made very successful appearences in Cold Case, Eleventh Hour, NCIS and NCIS N.Y

And lastly “SING TO ME PAOLO”, Yani Gellman, was in the ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars as a recurring character as Officer Garrett Reynolds and then made successful appearances in CSI, Criminal minds and iZombie featuring kiwi, Rose McIver.

WAIT HOLD UP WE forgot Hilary, well she released a comeback album which was loved by the pop lovers and gained some success. She also got some flack though for her insensitive Halloween costume with ex-bofyriend Jason Walsh dressed as a pilgrim and a Native American.

Anyways, still a hot girl for the paparazzi she’s been seen with a new boy, Matt Koma.

La Laine who played Miranda Sanchez, Lizzie’s best friend was not in the movie but worth mentioning because duh! Miranda was iconic. It was because of scheduling reasons and Laine was filming another Disney Channel original movie, You Wish! shot here in NEW ZEALAND.

Anyways, she’s now living a more relaxed life after briefly being in a few films such as Easy A back in 2009. In an interview with MTV, La Laine mentioned that she never knew what real life was until her pre-adult years as her life as a child actress was full on. She is on Instagram and Snapchat.

She said that Hilary and her have kept in touch a few times which is just YASS!

Jake Thomas also put up an instagram picture of the three catching up with some bowling, THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!

Lizzie McGuire (series) is available on DVD and Blu-Ray in selected stores



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